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Michelle @ The Willing Cook

Very, very sweet! I miss you terribly. Let's touch base over the break. I love all of your beautiful displays of love and talent. Merry Christmas, dear friend!


Merry Christmas guys! I love that cardigan!! (silly autocorrect kept changing it to cardinal...that would have been funny...) we miss you all sooo much. I know your location has changed but we know our Savior hasn't. Keep clinging to Him and His constant love for you as you celebrate Him this season. Love you!


Merry Christmas to you and your family! You've been busy! Did you make the doll?


I did make the doll. It is my first attempt at doll making, so she's got lots of character, but I think she'll pass a one-year-old's test nonetheless. :)


Lovely handmades, your doll is beautiful!!!

Joy Y.

Stopping by for the first time. Such lovely things your giving/making, and such beautiful photographs on your blog!

From one mama to another...blessings!



Joy, so glad you stopped by! Thanks for your kind words!


The sweater is so beautiful! I'm so impressed at what you create! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Miss all of you!

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