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Mason Jar Snow Globes.... a How-To

Every year I vow to start our Christmas gift-making in midsummer when the days are long and open.  And every year I fail to do so, this one being no exception.  But, even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of December we managed to come up with a few handmades for some special folks.  Without these little gifts from the heart, Christmas would hardly be the same!

This year we tried mason jar snow globes that I saw on Pinterest.  They turned out just as darling as I had hoped and were super easy to make.....even three-year-old Hans joined in the fun!


A How-To For You

Supplies needed: mason jars (we used 8 oz. jelly jars), plastic animal and trees (we found them at Michael's in a tube), glycerin, fake snow, glitter, water, waterproof glue (we used E-6000 and it worked great!)

Step 1:  Glue the animal and tree to the lid of the mason jar and let dry OVERNIGHT!

Step 2:  Put a couple pinches of fake snow and glitter into the jar.   You can put in as much as desired, but we found that too much snow makes the finished globe look a bit cloudy.

Step 3:  Fill jar with water, about 3/4 of the way full.

Step 4:  Squirt in a couple squirts of glycerin.  We didn't measure, but my guess is that we used about 1 TBSP per jar.  Maybe a touch more.  The glycerin helps the snow and glitter spread out nicely when the snow globe is shaken.

Step 5:  Top off the jar with water, and then put on the lid which should have your glued-down figures.  Turn and adjust the lid until you get the best view of the animals through the jar.

Step 6:  Put some glue on inside of the screw cap and screw tightly onto the mason jar.

You're all done!  Turn over and shake up your newly created winter wonderland!




Love those, Kristen. I'm stealing that idea next year!


These are adorable. My 8 yog will love these. And they are a perfect winter craft . . . not just for Christmas!!


Cute! Dean made one at school with a baby food jar and a squinkie. And I'm glad I don't have to look at that worm anymore when I come to your blog! ;)

barefoot mama

what a great idea!! My kids would LOVE these:)))


Really cool. My daughter would love to make these because she adores snow globes!

Baby by the Sea

Your snow globes turned out so cute! I love what you put inside them. We just made some with the discount/broken ornament bin items at the thrift store and red and silver glitter. Turned out super cute. I really forgot how much I loved snow globes as a kid. Great pictures, too.


These are great! (and I love your new header!) My kids would like this craft. I remember making these for a vbs craft years ago, but we used baby food jars. I like the Mason jars much better!



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